English HP is presented in commemoration of the 350th year since the shrine was founded by Maeda Toshitune, the third lord of Kaga Feudal-Domain.

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Deities enshrined

Sugawara no Michizane
(Representative scholar minister of the Heian Period of Japan)

* Shrine Building
* Annual Ceremonies
* Komatsu Castle and
         the Shrine Layout

Maeda Toshitune
(The third lord of Kaga domain under the Tokugawa Shogunate)

Komatsu Tenmangu was built in 1657 by Maeda Toshitune, where the shrine land was selected by him to be the present place along the Kakehashi River. Many flooding events occured after Meiji Restoration necessitated the government to execute flood mitigation works and structural flood defences were constructed by 1930s. Due to the region's urabanization, new flood mitigation works were planned by the government since 1960s, and the Town Planning Jurisdiction area of the River Kakehashi was designated in January 1999, where the area is to be regulated by the Town Planning Law and other related laws such as the River Law and is to be improved, developed, and preserved comprehensively as an urban unit. A new diversion channel as a part of river works is to be constructed in such a way that the Komatsu Tenmangu area is surrounded by embankment. If readers are interested in comparing the original landscape painted by Kubota Beisen in 1891with that taken after the heavy rain in July 2006, go to 。。.