Annual Ceremonies

1st of January Saitansai New Year's Day Prayer
25th of March Spring festival Sugawara no Michizane Memorial and prayer
for agricultural fertility
5th of June Komatsu Jinjyasai To remember the virtue of Maeda Toshitune
and to present prayer for advancement
of commerce and industry
4th of August Writing brushes festival Memorial service for used writing brushes
Hosankaiin Kigansai Worshippers association's prayer
Senbotusha Ireisai Memorial service for deceased soldiers
4th of September Autumn festival To celebrate the day when Michizane's anger and grudge were
pacified by official deification of his spirit and to present
expression of thanks for the arrival of harvest season
25th of November O-Hitaki Shinji Special shinto ceremony related to
Niinamesai Rite (Harvest festival)